Our Principles


We at Hanging Hammer go by some primary principles which are applicable to us and our entire team and form the ethos of the company.

a. Transparency in the process: Home interior can be quite a daunting process for someone who is new to the process. We at Hanging Hammer ensure that we handhold our clients and explain to them a very transparent process of designing and executing of project. We have robust processes in place which ensures that both clients and the company’s part are clearly defined.
b. Last-mile delivery: This is extremely important for us to get to the last-mile delivery for each project. This ensures that our client has a seamless journey till the end.
c. Post delivery service: We ensure post-delivery services including a detailed report on 15 days of post-delivery experience of the client addressing if there is an issue.
d. Eye for details and immaculate finishing of products: We pride ourselves on the immaculate finishing of our projects. Our employees are trained to ensure the highest standards in terms of quality and finishing of any product.
e. Adherence to Timeline for the project: at the initiation of any project we generate an accurate timeline for project completion for the clients and we adhere to the same.