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About Hanging Hammer

“Hanging Hammer is the brand belongs to ZZ TWO LITTLE TORTOISE PRIVATE LIMITED.”

Hanging Hammer is an award-winning luxury interior designing and architectural firm based in Hyderabad and run by Principal Designer and Founders, Purna Ghosh and Sourojit Ghosh. Hanging Hammer is committed to delivering inspiring and timeless spaces may it be your home, offices, or any other commercial space. Hanging Hammer signifies the importance of “Concept to Built”, which emphasizes conceptualizing fresh designs from scratch and then giving them life by building the space with great care. With rich experience in architecture designing, Purna and Sourojit can be counted upon to create design magic by capably experimenting with space, colours, materials, finishings, and lights.

“Hanging Hammer joins all the dots differently every time and gives their client a unique experience in the space of designing.”

Purna Ghosh

Purna is the creative head with a strong creative drive and passion for innovation in the space of designing. Purna’s designing is to bridge the gap between the functionality and aesthetic. Purna has always been passionate about art and culture from a very young age and have experimented with different art and craft.

Purna’s design philosophy is nurturing, kind to soul and steeped with sustainability and using natural material and resources and she is extremely passionate about it.

Purna believes in creating designs that can incorporate natural elements such as sunlight, wind, water body and shadow play which is not only sustainable but also extremely mindful. Purna is on the other end of spectrum quite quirky, non linear with a bit of whimsical edge.

Purna Ghosh

Purna Ghosh

Co-Founder and Principle Designer

Sourojit Ghosh

Sourojit Ghosh

Founder & Director

Sourojit Ghosh

Sourojit is the captain of the ship with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of building and interior products and material. Sourojit is master in Project Planning and Execution handling large scale Corporate Projects and its Turnkey Executions.

Sourojit is specializes in transforming large spaces with efficient design, planning and budget.
Sourojit also prides himself to be ahead in terms of new age building and interior products, technicalities attached to their usage and right fit for every space.

Sourojit is a stickler for details and does not rest till everything reaches perfection.

Sourojit is deeply passionate about art and is on a mission to revive and use all Indian art form with a modern world flavor.