Can I meet my interior designer at the Vijayawada Experience Centre?

Yes, absolutely! Meeting interior designers has never been this easy. Our Hyderabad Experience Centre gives you the opportunity to meet our team of skilled interior designers so that you can connect with them over a cup of chai and discuss your project. So, come meet the industry’s best interior designers in Hyderabad at our Experience Centre to create beautiful homes, customised as per your needs and likes.

Can I have a meeting at my home?

We encourage you to visit our set-up of a contactless and safe design meet at a Livspace Experience Centre in Hyderabad so we can show you everything we have to offer. But, we can meet you at your site! To book an online consultation with us today, just fill up the lead form so that our design experts can have a better understanding of your requirements, whether it is a kitchen, bedroom, living room design or full home design.

What can I expect to see at the Hanging Hammer Experience Centre in Hyderabad?

At the Hanging Hammer Experience Centre in Hyderabad, you can see, touch and feel everything that will go into designing your dream home, from the materials, finishes, furniture, and accessories to different decor styles. A dedicated team of interior designers will assist you at the Hyderabad Experience Centres. You will be able to view interior design ideas for various spaces, which will help you understand what your future home would look like. So, end your quest for home interiors at the best interior design company in Hyderabad today.

How can I select materials for design?

The process is simple and easy. You can visit our Experience Centre in Hyderabad to select the materials, finishes and more, according to your preference and aesthetics. This will give you a clear picture of what your dream home can look like. Whether you are looking to design your living room, bathroom, bedroom, pooja unit, or study room design, we allow you to explore various options.

How will my site be measured?

The space that you want to renovate or build is called the site. To know the dimensions and measurements of the entire area, you can share the floor plan of your place with us. In case the floor plan is not available, we will send our representative to take the measurements that are necessary to start with the designing phase.

What will be the timelines for my project completion?

Hanging Hammer is one of the most trusted and well-known interior design firms in Hyderabad that works on a very efficient timeline. We follow a timeframe of 45 days, during which we install all the modular solutions, customised furniture and decor. An Operations Lead will be assigned on-site to ensure the assignment is completed according to the specifications and timelines.

However, the timeline may vary project-to-project. Factors such as material availability, delivery, customer feedback, design approvals, etc., play an important role in deciding the timeline. Please note that conditions may apply to the guarantee and the stipulated design timeframe.

What is the cost of interior design in Hyderabad?

The cost of interior design depends on various factors, such as decor, material, furniture, etc., but the basic price relies entirely on the area of the space. So, here is a quick view of the prices to help you plan the budget.

Following are the costs for the respective space types:
2 BHK – Starting at 3.57L*
3 BHK – Starting at 4.23L*
4 BHK – Starting at 4.81L*
Modular Kitchens – Starting at 2L*
*The prices include only modular interiors for new homes.

At Hanging Hammer, there are interior designers for every budget with quality work, so have faith in us and add a modern, lavish and warm feel to your space. We offer modular solutions for each room, so if you are searching for good bedroom, living, kids’ or pooja room designs, we are here to help and let you create an innovative yet functional space.

What is the starting price for home interiors in Hyderabad?

The starting price of home interiors in Hyderabad for a 1 BHK apartment is approximately Rs. 1.99 Lacs. The cost varies as per the size of the space, design, materials, etc. To get a free quotation as per your requirements, book a consultation with us and get ready to live the best life in your dream house that’s designed by some of the best interior designers in Hyderabad!

What are the latest trends of Interior design in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is known for its marvellous architecture, which is a fusion of contemporary and modern interior design styles. According to the latest interior design trends in Hyderabad, the city’s homes feature a modular kitchen design, a spacious and comfortable living room, a minimalistic bedroom and a trendy dining area. Further, you’ll also commonly find rich foyer area designs with cultural elements.