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Hanging Hammer is an award-winning luxury interior designing and architectural firm based in Hyderabad and run by Principal Designer and Founders, Purna Ghosh and Sourojit Ghosh. Hanging Hammer is the Best Interior Designing Company in Hyderabad. Hanging Hammer is committed to delivering inspiring and timeless spaces may it be your home, offices, or any other commercial space. Hanging Hammer signifies the importance of “Concept to Built”, which emphasizes conceptualizing fresh designs from scratch and then giving them life by building the space with great care. With rich experience in architecture designing, Purna and Sourojit can be counted upon to create design magic by capably experimenting with space, colors, materials, finishing, and lights.
Hanging Hammer joins all the dots differently every time and gives their client a unique experience in the space of designing.

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Best Interior Designing Company in HyderabadAll it started with a spark of inspiration and passion

Purna Ghosh and Sourojit Ghosh are the Chief Designers and Founders of Hanging Hammer, based in Hyderabad. Their journey began when Sourojit and Purna married and embarked on their happily ever after; they built their aspirations together. What began as a housing project quickly evolved into their dream home. As they continued to conceptualise and create houses and offices for friends and family, it was eventually time to launch Hanging Hammer. Today, they are the proud entrepreneurs of a brand that strives to create spaces that are distinctive, useful, aesthetic, and meticulously selected down to the smallest detail.

Hanging Hammer is dedicated to creating innovative and timeless spaces for your home, business, or other commercial location. We are the best interior design solution for your home. We have a team of the best and most experienced interior designers in Hyderabad. We will make your dream home a reality. Transform your home with hanging hammer interior design- because you deserve something special.

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